Library Fun! 1-41 Part 1

A library is a somewhat easy place to annoy the people sitting around you, but for those of you with less then stellar creativity, we have made a list of things you can do…1. Read out loud. Very loud. And slowly.2. While pointing to a very simple word, like the, ask the person next to you if he/she can pronounce it for you.3. While looking at your book, turn so you’re facing the person. Then, peer over the top of your book, and say PEEKABOO!!4. Put down you book, and look over and start reading the other persons book, and, either 1) say Ooo. Nice book. or 2) when he/she looks at you, quickly pick up your book and act like your reading it.5. Suddenly look over at him/her, and say, You’re one of THEM!6. Put down you book, and look at him/her. When they says something like what?, cut them off by saying Are you accusing me of something?7. Read your book. Upside down.8. Read your book from right to left. And flip the pages the same way.9. Flip the page every two or so seconds.10. Pick up your book, put it down, and say, Wow. That was a good book.11. Read silently, and then as if speaking to the character in your book, say, No, Jim! Its a trap! Dont do it!! Then turn to the person and reply solemnly, He did it. when he/she looks at you.12. Turn to the person and ask, Have you ever experienced déjà vu and amnesia at the same time?13. Start arguing with yourself, then when he/she looks at you funny, say Ohh, Im sorry. I was just telling my subconscious to be quiet.14. Sit down, and then say to the person next to you, Hi! My names (…) and Im really glad to meet you.15. Ask him/her if he/she knew there are eddies in the space/time continuum.16. Ask him/her what species he/she is.17. Every so often, yelp in pain, and look at your feet.18. Bring a bag or purse, and peer into it and say, Got enough air in their? or, Settle down in there. Im trying t

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