Lip Stick Remover

There was a man who woke up one morning with a red ring around his member. Astonished he panicked and hurried to the emergency room.

The Doctor looked at it and gave the man some lotion to rub on it twice a day, if no results come back tomorrow. This went on for three days when a new nurse happened to be in the same ER. She asked if she could suggest something. The Dr. at his wits end because he wasnt able to cure the problem, agreed to let the nurse try her hand.

The nurse gave the man a smelly lotion and said rub it very gently on his member before he when to bed. The man went home and followed her instructions.

The very next day came back happy as a lark! He found the nurse and Doctor and thanked them for all theyre help.

As the man left, the Dr. turned to the nurse and asked what was the miracle lotion?

The nurse smiled and replied, Lip stick remover.

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