Marital bliss – 5 days till anniversary

fun! 🙂

A-Day minus 5Jimmy, whatever happened to that nice Max Iceberg? I havent seen him since he came to our wedding ten years ago.
A-Day minus 4Look at this ad. Its the exact same set of dishes the girls gave me at work for my bridal shower ten years ago.
A-Day minus 3You know, you dont look a day older than when we got married ten years ago. Im glad youve kept yourself in such good shape.
A-Day minus 2Look Jimmy, I can still fit into my wedding dress. See? Youre not the only one whos kept in shape these past ten years.
A-Day minus 1Remember how nervous you were at our wedding rehearsal dinner ten years ago tonight? I was afraid you werent gonna show up at the church.
AnniversaryOh Jimmy darling. For me? You remembered.

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