New Factory

The president of ABC decided that it was time to build a new factory. He asked representatives from three development companies to come in and make a bid on the project. The three companies showed up at the scheduled meeting. The president of ABC asked the first company, Bruin Construction, whos president earned his MBA from UCLA, How much will your company charge for this project? 2 million, said Bruin. 1 million for materials and 1 million for labor.

Then president then asks the same question to the second company, Cardinal Construction, whose president earned his MBA from Stanford. Cardinal answered, 3 million, 1.5 million for materials, 1.3 million for labor, and 0.2 million for licenses and permits.

Finally, the president asks the last company , Trojan Construction, whose president earned his MBA from USC. Trojan answered, 4 million.

FOUR MILLION, yelled the president of ABC. How do you breakdown the cost?

Trojan replied, 1 million for you, 1 million for me, and 2 million to get the guy from UCLA to build the factory!

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