New newsgroup proposal: alt.sex.oral (Risque)

This was just posted to the newsgroup alt.config and most of the alt.sex newsgroups to propose creation of a new group alt.sex.oral. I think you might find it interesting.

Paul Robinson

The Greatest Philosopher in the World, maybe the Greatest who ever lived.

There has been some questioning as to why there isnt an alt.sex.oral newsgroup since almost every other sexually related practice has one of its own.

There is quite a bit of interest in this subject, as it has gotten a lot of tongues wagging about it.

It is a subject of very hot debate, and considerable jawing and movement of mouths.

It has been known to raise a significant response in men, and a smaller response in women. Perhaps women are more open to this subject.

It is a subject of considerable interest from many angles, as much as 21 (degrees) reduced from 90.

It is often enjoyed by more than one person, as some people find that the performance of this act is as enjoyable as having it performed upon them, sort of like massages. In fact, it may be of interest to fat people, who like to eat, or swallow things.

Rather than let this go to a head, I propose to expose this meaty situation to alt.config and see if it receives the attention it deserves.

Interest in it is sometimes up and down, as peoples heads have different positions on the issue. Some being higher up than others, or busy and cant discuss it because their mouth is full because they cant talk while theyre eating, or because they are on their knees, in a position to pray for deliverance, I suppose.

Its a subject of a veritable explosion of interest, and has been known to generate strong, penetrating emotions, sometimes watered down or flooded discussions, and lots of controversy from those who support or oppose this issue.

In the absence of serious objection, I plan to create this group next week, e.g. in 7 days.

Those receiving this who cannot read newsgroups may post comments in response to this message by mailing it to the following address:


Thank you for your consideration.

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