This couple just got married and was spending their honeymoon at a secluded campgrounds next to a small lake. Every day the new bridegroom was seen in a boat on the lake fishing.

Two old timers who was always setting on the dock thought it kinda funny that the groom was spending all his time on the lake. Well, their curiosity got the best of them and they confronted him when he came in for lunch. The first old man said, Son when I first got married me and my wife spent every day of our honeymoon in bed… well you know!

The new groom said, well, normally thats what I would do, But she…well, shes got gonorrhea. The second old man said, well son havent you ever heard about oral sex? everybodys doing it these days. The groom says, yes I have heard about that, but she also has pyorrhea.

The first old man looks at the second old man, and they both nod to each other and offered this advice. Sonny, in times like this you just might want to roll her over.

The groom says I know all about that too, but shes got diarrhea. The two old men look at each other and at the same time they say, Daggone Sonny…gonorrhea, pyorrhea, diarrhea, what the hell did ya marry her for?!

He said Well shes also got worms,… And I dooo looove to Fish!!

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