No cookies for Grandpa.

A boy goes on a fishing trip with his grandpa. They install themselves on the river bank and have brought with them all the provisions they need for a fine days fishing.

After a while, grandpa lights a cigarette. The boy gazes on. He knows his parents wont allow him to smoke, but he gets on well with his grandpa, so he asks Can I have one of those cigarettes?

Grandpa, knowing he shouldnt encourage the boy in a bad habit, but not wanting give a curt no asks Does your dick reach your ass?. The boy replies No , it doesnt. Then, said grandpa, you arent old enough to smoke.

Half an hour later grandpa opens a six pack. The boy has always wanted to taste beer so he asks grandpa for a swig. Does your dick reach your ass? asks the old man. No, replies the boy. Then youre not big enough to touch beer, comes the reply.

By and by the boy feels hungry and opens his lunch box. He finds a pack of cookies there and takes one out to eat it. Grandpa sees this and fancies a cookie himself, so he asks for one.

The boy turns the tables on his grandpa and asks Does you dick reach your ass? It sure does, says the old man.

Then go fuck yourself – These are all mine!

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