Ode to Dr Atkins

Ive developed

My urine is rank and yellow

Yet Im a happy fellow

In the midst of Ketosis
Salmon and steaks,

Deviled eggs and cheese

Make no mistake:

Atkins is a breeze
The pounds drop away

A few each energetic day

Will it be the Boston Marathon

Or the New York ballet?
Food is a joy, not a sin

And Im down to one chin

I feel eighteen again

No pain, yet I dont gain
Thanks Dr. Atkins for protein,

And making me lean

Once a major carb freak,

Now Im getting sleek
I ate candy and drank sugar pop

But you made me stop

All those other diets are a crock

And Im in your debt, Doc
I know this is bad verse

But I feel like Mr. Universe

And I had to tell somebody

About my new body.

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