Ten New Diets

Youve tried Dr.
Stillmans Quick Weight Loss Diet, the Sardine Diet, the Grapefruit Diet,
and more, but youre still lugging those extra pounds around. Whats a
food lover to do? Good news! Ten new diets have just arrived on the scene.
One of them is bound to do the trick.
1. The Internet Diet. You lose weight because youre
so addicted to being online, you dont eat for days at a time.
2. The Fantasy Diet. You eat a Collard Wrap while fantasizing
youre really eating Death by Chocolate.
3. The Play With Your Food Diet. Youre so busy making
a castle out of your mashed potatoes, you forget to eat them.
4. The Food Chess Diet. You and a friend play chess
using food tidbits as chess pieces. You are only allowed to eat when you
capture your friends players. You lose the game and you lose weight.
5. The Rolling Table Diet. You sit on a chair on wheels,
trying to eat at a table on wheels. The motorized floor under your table
is constantly shifting, so you dont get to eat much, and thus lose weight.
(This is similar to The Seasick Diet, but takes place in your own land-lubbing
6. The Fishermans Diet. A fisherman holds a pole whose
end is attached to a morsel of food in your mouth. Every time your try
to bite down on the food, the fisherman pulls the food away.
7. The Puffed Food Diet. All your favorite foods are
re-made in the style of puffed wheat or puffed rice. Your Cheese Ravioli
is now mostly air, so you dont gain any weight.
8. The Mock Puffed Food Diet. In this diet, all the
foods you like to eat are made of styrofoam, to resemble the Puffed Food
Diet. Now you cant eat the food at all. (You try to, and spit it out.)
You really lose weight.
9. The Edible Flowers Diet. You are only allowed to
eat edible flowers. You get bored with them and eat nothing, thus lose
10. The Love Diet. You munch playfully on your sweethearts
hand. You gain no calories; you lose weight. Your sweetheart loses interest
in you because s/he preferred you with love handles.

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