Official Politically Correct Terms for 1991

New Official Politically Correct Terms for 1991.
You Must Comply

Old New

conservative reactionary
The Establishment White Power Elite
hearing person temporarily aurally abled
sighted person temporarily visually abled
blind visually challenged
mute vocally challenged
dead metabolically different
alive temporarily metabolically abled
ugly aesthetically challenged
rude politically correct ™
psychopath socially misaligned
bald follicularly challenged
non-white, non-male oppressed
white melanin impoverished/genetically oppressive
white male oppressor
black african-american
asian asian-american
afro-american african-american

pregnancy parasitic oppression

janitor sanitation engineer
dish washer utensil sanitizer

dairy where cows are raped
ranch where cattle are murdered
egg ranch where hens are raped

biology department where animals are tortured and then murdered to fulfill the sadistic fantasies of white male scientist lackeys of the imperialistic drug companies

fishing raping the oceans
farming exploiting mother earth

paper bag processed tree carcass
female person of gender
horn-dog person of ardor
drooling drunk idiot person on floor
group of whites L.A.P.D.
girl pre-womin
boy oppressor to be

[Ed: Some at the end are from the Kalamazoo Colleges newspaper,
provided by Jamie R. McCarthy)]

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