Suffering from too much Licentiousness?

If youre oversexed, you should get married
Trust me, itll help ya taper off
Friend of mind always has sex on his mind
Once a month like clockwork, he gets a nosebleed
Girl I once knew was really quite a wild lil lover
She was able to whip up whitecaps on her waterbed
I remember one girl from high school sex class
She WAS the class homework every nite
Girl came down with a rare disability –
an ingrown mattress
Gifts are tuff to buy for this girl I know –
I mean, what can ya give someone whos had everyone
She was so gentle, wouldnt molest a fly –
unless it was open of course
She doesnt run after men any more –
now she roller blades
Men like her because of her vocabulary –
Yes is the greater part of it
For all of you non-smokers out there, trust me –
Theres nothing better before a cigarette than sex
Come to think of it, my Grandfather was right
Sex IS dirty – but only if you do it right !

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