Parrot with no legs

This guy is setting at a bar, and hes had a lot to drink that night; he asks the bartender for another drink, but the bartender says no.

The guy is pretty upset by this and persists, but the bartender keeps saying no. Finally the guy asks, Well isnt there anything that you can give me? The bartender says, Ive got this parrot over there in the corner, sitting on a perch, with no legs.

The guy interested by this asks how the parrot stays on the perch with no legs. The bartender tells the guy that the parrot just raps his dick around the perch.

The guy is amazed by this and agrees to take the bird home. On the trip home he asks the parrot if he can talk. The parrot says, Sure I can talk!

The guy thinks for a second and then says, Ive got a job for you. I have to go to work tomorrow and my wife will be home alone all day long. I want you to watch her and tell me everything that happens while Im gone. The only person other than my wife scheduled to be there is the milk man.

The parrot agrees to watch the mans wife. The next morning the guy leaves for work, leaving only his wife and the parrot at home. Later that evening the man returns home and asks the parrot what his wife did all day.

Parrot: Within an hour after you left the milk man appeared. Your wife walked to the door, dressed in her bathrobe and let him in. Right away they started kissing!

Man: Then what happened after that?

Parrot: They started taking each others clothes off.

Man: And then what?-getting more angry

Parrot: Your wife started jacking him off!

Man: What next?-really steamed by this time

Parrot: She started giving him a blow job!

Man: And what then, did they do anything else?

Parrot: I dont know by that time I got a hard on, and fell off my perch!

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