Patenting A Peach…

A farmer goes to the patent office to patent a peach, and the patent officer says- you cant patent a peach, the peach has already been patented!

And the farmer says, Oh no. Not THIS kind of peach. Go ahead, try it! So the patent officer takes a bite, and then- oh, wow! This is so good! It tastes like- blackberry pie!

And the farmer says Yeah, and Do you like vanilla ice cream?

Well then you gotta flip it over & try the other side.

So the patent officer does and hes like-

Man! that really does taste like vanilla ice cream!

I cant believe it!

So then the farmer looks around a bit and lowers his voice almost to a whisper, and says: Psst! Have you ever tasted pussy? Oh yeah, Ive eaten plenty of pussy! And you like it, right? Yeah I LOVE the taste of pussy says the patent officer, starting to get excited.

The farmer says, OK, then take a bite, right there So the patent officer takes this HUGE bite, and then his eyes widen & he spits it out all over the place.

Oh, Yuck! That tasted like SHIT! & the farmer says shoot,…

Im sorry- flip it over & try the other side!

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