Penile Operation

A guy who has a stuttering problem goes in to his doctor and says Ex-ex-ex-cu-cu-se m-m-me d-d-oc but I I I have th-th-this st-st-stuttering problem and I I I was wo-wondering if you c-c-c-could help m-m-m-me.

Well take off your clothes and get into this gown and let me check you over. The guy gets into the gown and the doc begins his check-up.

The doctor is quite surprised: I see what the problem is your penis is so large that its pulling on you abdominal muscles which in turn is causing a strain on your vocal chords.

W-w-w-well c-c-can you h-h-help m-m-me?

Sure I can but well need to cut off about 8 inches

I-I-I-I cant t-t-t-take this an-any more do it.

Six months later the guy goes back to the doc. Well doc I must say that the operation was a great success but my sex life really sucks and I would like my operation reversed. Please put back what you took off.

The doc replies F-f-f-f-f-fuck Off!

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