Phone Company Writes to a Public Telephone

I originally posted this to comp.dcom.telecom, someone suggested I
send it to here, too.

The August 14 edition of Yerushalaim (a Jerusalem local newspaper)
contains a copy of a letter that Bezeq, the Israeli telco, mailed to a
phone booth which it owns.

The form letter is addressed to Bezeq, Inc. at the address at which
the phone booth is located (155 Costa Rica Street), and informs the
subscriber that while in the past, its bill was computed by reading a
meter, which made it impossible to obtain a listing of calls made,
this will now be possible (at a fee, of course, something that Bezeq
did not mention to the phone booth).

The letter-carrier delivered the letter by placing it inside the phone

Bezeq responded that the program that sends out mailings will be
corrected. The phone booth was unavailable for comment.

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