Ping Pong Balls

Once there was a beautiful princess who had many suitors who wished to marry her. Her father, the King, picked three and told them that they would have to compete in a contest to marry his daughter. Whomever won got to marry her.

He called the 3 men to his castle and told them what to do. He said I give you each 3 months to go around the world and collect as many ping pong balls as you can. Whomever collects the most can marry my daughter.

And so the three went off.

A month later one came back. He had found 2,000 ping pong balls. The king said that was pretty good but he must wait for the others to return.

The next month another man came back. He had found 5,000 ping pong balls. The king siad that that was pretty good also but must wait for the final man.

On the last day of the last month, a dirty, beat-up looking man stumbled into the kings castle. He was carrying something in his hands. So the king said to him how many ping pong balls did you get?

Ping pong balls? said the guy. I thought you said King Kongs balls.

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