Pink toenails

The item below was sent to me by a colleague.

The lady I work with at the Red Cross told me this today. In light of your up-coming long flight, I thought you might take this as a warning!!

Last Spring, Sandra & her husband went to Switzerland with a number of people from his company. The flight was 9 hours long.

A man towards the rear of the plane, not from their group, drank a lot, and then fell asleep … with his bare foot stuck between the seats in front of him.

The young ladies (from Sandras group) were dismayed, to say the least, but were unable to get the mans foot removed. After considering several alternatives, they decided how to get revenge for the mans rude behavior.

One of the ladies got out her nail polish and they proceeded to paint his toe nails a bright pink. In the morning, he apparently was still too groggy to notice the condition of his foot.

The ladies were a bit disappointed to miss out on his reaction to their prank, but took consolation in picturing him at home – wondering and trying to explain how he happened to have his toe nails painted.

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