Practical Joke Down South

(He wants some jokes and anecdotes. – DJ )

True story:

I used to work for T.I. in Houston. Once a young programmer fellow
from the Bedford, England came to do some consulting. He was a nice
enough guy, but very stiff and proper. On his last day before returning
to G.B., I took him to lunch at a Lubys Cafeteria. While waiting
in line, I told him that before he left Texas, he simply must try
some mepyew.

He said, What?

I said, Mepyew. It is very popular. Everyone here eats it with lunch.
Sort of a Texas tradition. The woman in the serving line will ask you
if you want some.

I give a sly wink or two to various prospective diners who
were overhearing the conversation and looking quizzical.

He agreed to order some mepyew.

We approached the first station where the lady was selling jello
deserts and chilled salads.

Mepyew? she asked.

Yes please, he responded.



Mepyew? (Now with noticeable agitation.)

Yes! If you Please!

Well ahm not a mind reader!

I laughed a little.

Finally realizing that he had been had, he proceded directly to the
roast beef and mashed potatoes, as any good Englishman would.

I giggled. The people I had winked at giggled. My English friend
busied himself with macaroni and cake.

Back at the office, Sheila and Mike giggled. The Englishman studied
a directory listing.

Someday, Im going to invent a dish called mepyew. Maybe it will be
a jello and roast beef casserole.

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