Redneck Jokes joke #10997

There were 2 rednecks that lived on opposite sides of the river. One was named Clearance and the other Billy.

They would always threaten to beat the crap out of each other, but said they couldnt because the river was keeping them from getting to each other.

They swore that if there was ever a bridge made that they would go across and fight.

Well a few years went by and they began to build a bridge. When it was done, Billys wife told him to go fight Clearance since there was a bridge now. So he decided to head that way.

In the middle of the bridge, there was a sign that said Clearance 11ft 3in.

All of a sudden Billys wife heard a banging on the door. There was her husband, out of breath.

She asked Well did you fight him?

He said No.

Well why not? she asked.

Because Clearance didnt look eleven feet three inches from across the river.

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