Scientists and the Mermaid!

These three scientists decided to go fishing one day. So they packed up all of their gear and headed down to the lake.

They were having terrible luck, they werent catching a thing. But all the sudden, one of the scientists feels a pull at his line. He shouts out, I got something, I got something!

So he reels his catch in and much to his surprise, its a Mermaid. She tells the scientists, If you let me go, I will grant you each one wish. Well they think thats a pretty good deal, so they agree.

The first scientist, the one who caught the Mermaid, tells her, I want you to double my IQ. The Mermaid says, no problem. Snaps her fingers, and suddenly hes solving all of these problems they had been working on for months.

So the next scientist thinks thats pretty neat, so he tells the Mermaid, I want you to tripple my IQ. So the Mermaid says, No problem. snaps her fingers once again, and now this scientist is finding cures for AIDS and Cancer.

So the last scientist is really excited about all of this. He tells the Mermaid, I want you to quadruple my IQ.

The Mermaid looks at him and says, Are you sure about this? Im not so sure you want to do that. But the scientist is stubborn and tells her, You granted the other guys wishes, now grant mine or were not letting you go.

So the Mermaid sighs and says, Whatever you want.

She snaps her fingers and the scientist turned into a woman.

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