Silicon Valley Slang

Stands for Waste of Money, Brains and Time. Suitable for describing a person, product or project.
Code 18:
An error made by the user. Refers to the 18 inches that separate a users face from the computer display.
Lasagna Syndrome:
Writing a piece of software with so many overlapping dialog boxes that its nearly impossible to complete a task.
Nerd Bird:
Any weekday direct airline flight between another U.S. city and San Jose, California. These flights are typically over-populated with engineers and technical types, so a good amount of job seeking and rumor-milling occurs during each run.
A demo given with great showmanship for a product with little innovation or creativity.
Booth Bunny:
The attractive women staffing the booths at tradeshows that do not work for the main company represented and have no technical knowledge whatsoever.
The three things your manager would have you do at once.
I/O Error:
Error cause by an Ignorant Operator. A technical support term to label such operator in conversation.
Team Player:
An engineer with no backbone who says yes to everything. Can also mean someone who gets in early and makes coffee for everyone else. The latter definition is definitely more desirable.
Meeting Engineer:
A person who spends more time in meetings than doing actual work. Those who fall into this category usually have dated technical skills and tend to complain about how they never have time to get any work done since theyre in meetings all the time.
Think Time:
This is what operators make use of when they get an idle event. This most normally occurs during a long compile or a slow network connection.

And My Favourite Silicon Valley Slang Term …

When data is transferred between workstations by copying it to a floppy and walking it to the intended workstation instead of using the LAN.

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