Tales of Fast Food

Back in the bad old days when I was working in a fast food joint…

There was one female type person on the night crew. A very attractive
young lady with a penchant for wearing mini-skirts. Needless to say,
we did not object to this in the least. In fact, we used to let her
wipe down the tables up front, instead of slopping the french fryers
and such. Admittedly one of our reasons was that in order to wipe
down the tables she had to lean far over them and stretch. Generally
facing away from the counter.

This was when we learned that she tended to wear panties that matched
her nail polish. No kidding! She came in one day with black nail polish
with silver speckles, and it turned out that she was wearing black
panties with silver spangles. Another day, she came in wearing pink
nail polish on one hand, and blue on the other. The panties were blue
on one cheek, and pink on the other.

But … one evening … great anticipation … When would she EVER go
out and wipe the tables ??? … She came in to work, and she was wearing
no nail polish!

She never did tables that night, and we never knew.

I suspect we were set up.

Clif Flynt

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