The Farmers Daughter

There was a men who is lost in a forest during a storm. He came to a house and knocked on the door.

A farmer came out and asked, what the hell do you want?

The man asked, Could I spend a night here?

Sure, but you cant touch my daughter.

So the man was sleeping that night, when the daughter came in. And that night, they did it. The next night, they did it, too. The next night, they did it, again.

Until one night, the daughter said to the man, I am tired of doing it in your room.

So the man went to the daughters room and did it. The next night, they did it The next night, they did it, too The next night, they did it again.

They have done it in every single room in the house EXECPT the fathers room.

So one night they decided to go to the fathers room and do it. When they went in, the father has fallen deep into sleep.

The man asked, what the hell is that hairy thing in his bed?

The daughter said, its his hairy ass

So the man and the daughter were doing it in his room for 2 weeks and they loved it.

But unfortunatly, one day, the father came to the man and go, we need to talk.

What, I didnt have sex with your daughter!

I will tell you the truth, I dont care if you have sex with my daughter anymore, just dont use my hairy ass as a score board!

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