The Frogs Loan

There once was a little frog who wanted to take out a home improvement loan to fix up his pad. He hopped over to his local bank, went up to the teller and said, Hi, Id like to take out a loan to fix up my pad.

The teller replied, You need to see our loan officer. Her name is Patricia Black.

So the frog hops over to the loan officers desk and sits down. When Patricia arrives she ask, What can I do for you?

The frog says, Id like to take out a loan to fix up my pad.

Patricia asked, What do you have for Collateral?

After thinking for a couple of moments about what he could offer the frog reaches into his little foggy pocket and pulls out a small white elephant.

This is a very unusual form of collateral. said Patricia.

Ill have to check with out bank president to see if its ok.

Patricia goes to the president and says, Theres a frog out there who wants a home loan and this white elephant is all he is offering for collateral. What should I do?

The bank president takes the small white elephant and after examining it hands it back to Patricia and says, Its a nick-knack, Patricia Black, give the frog a loan.

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