The light bulb

A factory foreman is walking through the work area, and notices that Kawolski isnt at his station.

He asks one of the other workers if they know where Kawolski is, and the employee points straight up in the air. The foreman looks up, and theres Kawolski, hanging by one arm from the rafters.

Get down from there, Kawolski, he yells, to which Kawolski replies, But Im a light bulb!

The boss is -NOT- impressed, and makes Kawolski climb down and get back to work.

About an hour later, the boss is walking through the factory once again, and once again he notices that Kawolski is missing. On a hunch, he looks up, and again sees Kawolski hanging by one arm from the rafters.

The foreman makes him climb down, and chews him out, saying that if he catches Kawolski up there one more time, hes going to get fired.

Another hour later, the boss is making another round, and sure enough… theres Kawolski, hanging by one arm from the rafters.

Thats it, Kawolski, he yells. Youre FIRED!

Kawolski climbs down, and grabs his lunchbox. As he gathers his belongings, all of the other employees stop working, and begin to empty their lockers as well.

Whats going on? the foreman asks. The rest of you had better get back to work right now!

One of the employees turns to the forman and says, Sorry boss, but we arent working without any lights.

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