The parsons

A Bishop invited his three sons home for a midwinter get-together.

On the cold first morning of their stay, he stood warming himself at a roaring log fire as the first son, a Parson, appeared from bed.

Good morning father,said he.

Good morning,son replied the Bishop,Did you sleep well?.

Wonderful sleep, I dreamt I was in heaven.

Great!, Come and stand by the fire said the Bishop.

Good morning, son, did you sleep well?.

He asked his second son, also a Parson.

Marvelous, I dreamt I was an angel!. And he went to stand in front of the fire. The third, a commercial traveller appeared.

Good morning said the Bishop, not so eagerly, How was your night?.

I dreamt I was in Hell said he, And it was just like home- you couldnt get near the fire for Parsons.

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