the pink cloud

Joe and his two friends freinds accidentally die in a car wreck and go to Heaven. They see and angel and she tells them that they can do anything they want but warns them not to step on the pink clouds.

So one day, one of Joes friends goes and steps on the pink cloud, and a really ugly gal pops up and says, I have to follow you for the rest of eternity.

Joes other friend, assuming that the ugly gal is out of the way, steps on a pink cloud, and once again a really ugly gal pops up and tells him you have she has to follow him for the rest of eternity.

One day, Joes two freinds are walking around and they see you with a really hot gal, so they run up to you and the say, Hey man! How did you get this really hot gal?

She turns around and says, I stepped on a pink cloud.

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