The Rabbit

A man is driving down a road, when a rabbit jumps out in front of his car. He does everything he can to avoid it, but he ends up hitting it. He is an animal lover, so he pulls over and stops to go see what has become of the poor rabbit. Needless to say, he finds a very dead rabbit. He feels bad and so he sits down on the curb and begins to cry. A few minutes later a blonde drives past, sees him crying, and stops. When he tells her what happened, she says that she has just the thing and goes back to her car. She comes back with a spray can. She goes over to the rabbit and sprays the contents of the can onto it. The rabbit jumps up, waves, and jumps across the road, where it stops, turns and waves, and then jumps 10 feet, where it turns and waves again. The rabbit continues in this manner until it has gone out of sight. The man is in shock and turns to the blonde and asks What on earth is in that can?
She replys:Hair spray: Brings life to dead hair, adds permenant wave.

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