The Rusty Gates!

Saint Peter is doing his thing , minding the Gates of Heaven , when he notices that the Gates are getting a bit shabby and shopworn and in need of repair.

He goes outside to the line of people waiting to come in and asks ARE THERE ANY CONTRACTORS HERE?

Three guys step foreward……… A Black Man, an Italian, and a Jew.

Peter asks the three to inspect the Gates and then give a price ,with a breakdown.

First, the Black guy goes over and looks at the Gates. I think $

900.00 should do it he says. That would be $

300. for materials, $

300. for labor , and $300 for me Great ,says Peter

Next the Italian guy inspects the Gates. He takes a long time ,pouring over every bit of what he surveys, then comes back to St. Peter and tells him that These are the most wonderful, beautiful Gates!! They were almost certainly constructed in Italy, probably Florence , in the Renaissance! Pure Works of Art! The price…$3,

000. Ill need $1000 for materials, $1,000 for the finest Italian craftsmen and $1,000 for my profit OK Thanks says Peter and now the Jew.

He quickly surveys the Gates and returns to Peter.

The price is $2,

900… Thats $1,000 for you, $1,000 for me , and we hire the colored guy!

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