The settlers are coming and indians dont want to move out

May be offensive to Native Americans.

A community of settlers was moving in on an Indian Tribe. Most Indian tribes had a medicine man who was the leader of the tribe. Well the settlers were planning to move the Indians off their land to build a town. The big chief of the Indians did not like it at all. So he decided to go to the settlers and tell them that he was not moving.

The big chief finds one settler and says, ME BIG CHIEF WANT TO SEE MEDICINE MAN!

The settler had no idea what the chief was talking about, so he sent him to the pharmacist down the road.

The chief says to the pharmacist,YOU MEDICINE MAN??

The pharmacist replies,yes.

The chief says ME BIG CHIEF NO MOVE!! Well the pharmacist thinks that the Indian must be constipated, so he gives him some ex-lax and sends him on his way.

A week later the chief shows up again and says, ME BIG CHIEF STILL NO MOVE!

The pharmacist thought about it for a minute and gave him another package of ex-lax and sent him on his way.

The next week the chief shows up again and says, ME BIG CHIEF GOT TO MOVE!!!

The pharmacist says, why?.

And the Indian replies BECAUSE TEEPEE FULL OF SHIT!!!!

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