The Three Biggest Lies

3 Biggest Software Lies:

The programs fully tested and bugfree.
Were working on the documentation.
Of course we can modify it.

3 Biggest Computer Room Lies:

As long as you remember to SAVE your input, youll never lose any
We run the stuff through as fast as it comes in the door.
The new machines on order.

3 Biggest Large Company Lies:

We have an entrepreneurial spirit here.
People are our greatest resource.
We say let the marketplace decide.

3 Biggest Small Company Lies:

We have an entrepreneurial spirit here.
The boss is just one of the guys.
Staying small is a conscious decision.

3 Biggest Marketing Lies:

Immediate delivery?…No problem.
We treat every customer as if they were our most important.
Were going out to lunch to talk business.

3 Biggest Engineering Professors Lies:

Some day this course will come in handy.
These tests are more trouble for me than they are for you.
This is the way they do it in industry.

3 Biggest Executive Lies:

Money…its just a score card.
If it were up to me, thered be no assigned parking spaces.
You have to twist my arm to get me to go on a business trip.

3 Biggest Hardware Lies:

We always design for testablilty.
It worked fine on the proto board.
That would be much easier to implement in software.

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