The Winking Sales Man

A man went in for an interview for a job as a sales man. The interview went
quite well, but the trouble was that he kept winking.

The interviewer said, Although you have a lot of the qualities we are looking
for, the fact that you keep winking could put a lot of our potential customers

Oh, that is no problem, said the man. I stop winking if I take a couple of

Show me, said the interviewer.

So the man reached into his pocket. Embarrassingly he pulled out loads of
condoms of every variety – ribbed, flavoured, coloured and everything before he
found the packet of aspirin. He took an aspirin and soon stopped winking.

The interviewer said, I do not think we could employ someone who would be
womanizing all over the country.

Excuse me! exclaimed the man, I am a happily married man, not a womanizer!

Well, how do you explain all the condoms, then? asked the interviewer.

The man replied, Have you ever gone into a drug store, winking, and asked for a
packet of aspirin?

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