Three bulls (suggestive)

Three bulls, one large, one medium, and one small, were standing in the pasture and had just heard a rumor that the farmer had just bought a new, larger bull.

The largest of the three said, Well, he aint getting none of my cows.

The medium bull said, He aint getting none of my cows.

The little bull said, Well, if he aint getting any of yours, them he sure as hell aint getting one of mine.

Two days later, a semi pulls into the yard, and they unload the new bull. Hes big and pissed from having been cooped up for the long journey. When the three bulls see him, the biggest bull says, He can have my cows, the medium bull says, He can have mine, too. The littlest bull, however, begins to paw the ground, snort and bellow, and basically carry on.

Whats with you? the other two asked. Im just showing him I aint a cow! answered he.

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