Three Nuns

There were these three nuns that wanted the weekend off from being so holy. So they went up to the high priest and asked him for the day off. The priest said it was alright as long as they came back on Monday and told him what they did. The nuns agreed and scurried off. On Monday the nuns came back and went to the priest. The first nun was in confession and said to the priest, Forgive me father for I have sinned. The priest asked her what she had done. I ran down my street naked The priest shakes his head ad looks at the nun and says Go drink some holy water and say the Our Father 10 times. The nun obeys. Then third nun starts to snicker. The secnd nun goes into the room and says forgive me father for I have sinned. The priest looks at her and says What did you do? I watched a pornographich movie The priests shakes his head and looks at the nun. Go drink some holy water and then come back and say 20 Our Fathers The nun obeys. By this time the third nun is on the floor laughing. The priest comes over to her and asks And what did you do that was so funny? She smiles at him and says I peed in the holy water!

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