Three Wishes

This little old lady was sitting on her front porch in her rocking chair reflecting on her long life when a fairy godmother approached her to grant her three wishes. What would you like for your first wish, she said.The little old lady said I guess Im like everyone else, and would like to be rich. POOF-her rocking chair turned into solid gold. And, for your second wish? She asked.Well, again, like everyone else, I wish I were young and beautiful. POOF–she was turned into a beautiful young woman. As she was trying to come up with her third wish, her cat walked across the porch in front of her. Ooh–can you turn him into a handsome prince? POOF–before her eyes was the most handsome young man she had ever seen. She was sitting there all smitten–he smiled at her with a smile that made her knees week. He slowly approached
her and whispered in her ear. Ill bet youre really pissed off that you had me neutered.

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