Thrifty Shoppers

A guy walks into a drug store, and is moving up and down the aisles, obviously searching for something. The pharmacist comes out and asks if he can help the guy.
Yeah, my wife sent me in here to buy her some tampons replies the guy.
The pharmacist tells him, No problem, thatll be in aisle twelve, Feminine Products.
A few minutes later the guy walks up to the counter and puts down a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string.
Whats this, asks the pharmacist. I thought you were looking for tampons
The guy says, Well, a few days ago I asked my wife to pick me up a carton of cigarettes. She came back with a tin of tobacco and a pack of rolling papers, because theyre SOOOO much cheaper. I figure if I have to roll MY own, she can do the same.

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