Top 10 Things said in the Presidential Box During the College Basketball Finals

It is not Lettermans – but hey I think I did a good job?

From the Home Office in Larchmont, NY the Top Ten Things Overheard in the Presidential Box During the College Basketball Finals:

Oh, so you are saying that I should be rooting for the team in white?
Can we get some burgers and fries up here?
Sir, there are not enough people in this booth to do a wave
Actually, I have NO chance of re-election no matter who wins the game.
I cant believe the shorts that these players are wearing; they should have stylish and practical shorts, like the ones that I jog in.
I hope this doesnt go into overtime – I have Gennifer back in the White House – after all Hillary is away for a few days.
IT just dawned on my, if Arkansas wins I have to bring all these hicks to the white house – GO DUKE!!!!
No Sir I dont think Arkansas needs you to play defense for them.
I cant believe that it is our job to defend a guy like this.

And the Number One thing Overheard in the Presidential Box during the College Basketball Finals:

Hey Guys do you think that if Arkansas wins Hillary will let me run the country for a day?

Hope you enjoyed it

— Nigel @ Connecticut College

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