Here is a joke I heard on television. As far as I know, it hasnt been sent
here before.

Andy wants a job as a signalman on the railways. He is told to meet the
inspector at the signal box. The inspector puts this question to him:
What would you do if you realised that 2 trains were heading for each
other on the same track?

Andy says, I would switch the points for one of the trains.

What if the lever broke? asked the inspector.

Then Id dash down out of the signal box, said Andy, and Id use the manual
lever over there.

What if that had been struck by lightning?

Then, Andy continues, Id run back into the signal box and phone the next
signal box.

What if the phone was engaged?

Well in that case, persevered Andy, Id rush down out of the box and use
the public emergency phone at the level crossing up there.

What if that was vandalised?

Oh well then Id run into the village and get my uncle Silas.

This puzzles the inspector, so he asks, Why would you do that?

Came the answer, Because hes never seen a train crash.

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