True Story about <em>Panga</em> (Gross)

This true story has done the rounds so many times it is now almost urban legend. Here in South Africa some of our townships have, on occasion, been reduced to a war-zone by orgies of violence by opposing tribal factions. One of the preferred tools for human mutilation is the panga, a long broad flat knife not unlike a machete.

The story goes that one night, this man walks into the local clinic with a panga embedded square in the middle of his skull. As the hospital was understaffed and overbusy the poor guy was left to sit, leaning over a bucket slowly filling with blood, in line in the waiting room waiting to be attended to.

A few minutes later the nurse notices the man with the panga chatting to another man. As the man with the panga had not been accompanied by anyone when he came in she was curios to know who he was. She walked up to the visitor and asked, Are you a relative?

The reply; No, Ive come to get my panga

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