Ways to know that exams or upon us

You cant stop dreaming in { French }. (Enter dreaded subject here {X})
Your roomate is wearing tights and a viking helmet and storming the TV Room.
The corner drug store has substituted condoms with No-Doz on Shelf #1.
You finally started to understand your Engineering Profs accent.
Your walkman batteries are dead.
Your hair is clenched.
Your dorm gives a class called Caffine: Friend or Foe? 8) You find the ID you lost in October.
Philosophy makes perfect sense.
You consider using physics and trig to improve sex.
All the numbers are worn off your calculator buttons.
You fall asleep standing up … realize youre falling … and calculate your:

a) angular velosity

b) estimated time of impact

c) Force (in Newtons) exerted on your skull at impact

d) Relativistic (according to Einstien) velosity with respect to the speed of light.
Cops start charging students with Driving while Brain-Dead
You wear sox on your hands so you can consult with Lambchop & Floppsie during conversations.
You unconciously mutter I got Wapner at 4 … definitely

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