Weird News: UK JD

From the Daily Collegian:

Elland, England – A 14-year-old boy has united a West Yorkshire town against him. Since age 8, when he already was notorious for stealing candy, he has been arrested 88 times and convicted of 130 crimes, all within 1-1/2 miles of his home, courts and police say.

I would pay for stocks on the precinct (town square) and leave him there with his pants down for a week, said Annette Ford, who had to shell out for more security devices and higher insurance premiums for her florist shop.

The one-boy crime wave rolls on because the courts are unable to lock up one so young. The boy is often ordered to go to a supervised youth center or perform community service.

The teenager, who cannot be named under a British law protecting children, promised last week to go straight.

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