Wishes Gone Bad

A ship was travelling over a rough sea when all of a sudden a violent storm broke out.

The people on the boat were extremely scared of being thrown overboard so they all went downstairs. When the big waves started throwing the ship around there were still three people on deck who refused to go downstairs.

After a few hard knocks the ship was turned upside down and sank. The only survivors were the three guys who stayed on deck who washed up on a deserted island.

The next morning the guys decided that they would have to live together in harmony and they made an agreement to be friends.

Two days later after the three guys had built a shelter and found some fresh water and fruit, a bottle washed up on the shore. One of the guys walked up the beach and brought the bottle back to the shelter for the others to see.

Blaze, the smartest of the three said they should open it. Jay, the strongest of the three grabbed the bottle and pulled at the cork wedged tightly in the top, but couldnt open it. So Blaze grabbed the cork as well and they pulled together, but it still wouldnt budge.

Finally, Joel the weirdest, oldest guy grabbed hold of the cork and they all pulled together.

Suddenly the cork flew of into the air followed by a shroud of smoke. When the thick smoke began to clear, there stood a huge Genie. The Genie said, I am the mighty Genie of the bottle and to thank you little humans for setting me free I will grant you each one wish.

Blaze, the smartest of the three said straight away, I want to be back home running my own University and every will see how smart I really am.

Jay, The strongest of the three thought for a second and said, I want to be back at home running the worlds largest gym and everyone will see how strong I really am.

Joel, the weird old guy sat on the beach for a few hours thinking and eventually fell asleep. When he woke he saw the huge Genie and jumped to his feet with fright.

Old foolish man I grow impatient, make your wish soon or suffer my wrath, said the Genie.

The old man was scared, but angry at the Genie for talking to him so rudely and said You shouldnt talk to elderly folk like that! I wish my friends Blaze and Jay were here to kick your fat arse then youd be sorry!

Then with a puff of smoke the Genie was gone and then Blaze, Jay and Joel sat together in the sand.

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