You know youre in a

You know youre in a Cartoon when…

1. You get hit by a falling piano.

2. Theres only one mail-order company.

3. Cows are related to chickens.

4. When your beak gets blown off your face you can just pick it up, stick it
back on again.

5. Frying pans are very malleable, especially to the shape of your head.

6. Bullets bend around pipes and/or rabbit holes.

7. Explosives only singe your hair.

8. Gravity is slower to take effect.

9. Anvils fall from the sky.

10. You can survive a nasty fall off the grand canyon.

11. Adults only have legs, and you never see their torso.

12. Bombs are always clearly labelled bomb.

13. You eat sandwiches by swallowing them whole.

14. The local community contains an extraordinary high percentage of
megalomaniacs trying to take over the world.

15. Your lifelong enemy is a mouse.

16. Your body can concertina back into shape after being run over.

17. You keep a dinosaur as a pet and nobody minds.

18. There are violins and glockenspiels wherever you go.

19. The animals talk, but the humans dont.

20. A rabbit or a duck the size of fully grown man is considered normal.

21. You dont need breathing apparatus to breathe in outer space.

22. Your pet cat is far smarter than you.

23. People with no fingers can pick things up.

24. You have a wardrobe packed full of the same outfit, and are not considered deranged.

25. Traps only work when YOU try them.

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