You Saved Who?

In Virginia a helicopter was cruising fast at tree top level when the engine quit, too low to auto-rotate, the helicopter plunged into a small lake where three boys happened to be fishing.

The boys who were at the lake saw the whole thing happen. They swam to the site of the crash, looked in the wreckage and saw that the pilot and copilot were both dead. The lone passenger was unconscious and barely alive. They pulled him out, took him to shore, and gave him artificial

respiration – saving his life.

Within a few minutes there were several helicopters circling the area and one of them landed. A guy got out who seemed to be in charge and came up to the boys, he congratulated them for saving President Clinton!

Boys, said the man, you just saved the leader of our country! You each deserve a reward. You name it, and Ill give it to you.

The first boy said, I really want a pair of Nike Air Jordans.

The man replied, Michael Jordan is a close personal friend of mine. Ill get everyone in your family 10 pairs of Nikes each.

The second boy said, Id like to go to Disneyland.

The man said, I know Michael Eisner very well. Ill see that your entire family has an all expense paid trip to Disneyland.

The man turns to the third boy and asked what he would like.

The boy answered saying, Id like a mahogany wood coffin, bagpipe music and a fly over by the Thunderbirds at my funeral service.

Funeral service? asked the puzzled man. What in the world are you talking about?

The kid replied When my father finds out who I saved hes going to kill me!

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