You think youve got problems?

Hey Guy, You Think Youve Got Problems…

  • imagine Adam trying to convince Eve that God intended for him to wear the plants in the family

  • imagine being so old it takes you forty-five minutes to undress, and another twenty to remember why

  • suppose by the time you can read a woman like a book … your eyes go bad

  • suppose every time you meet a hot looking girl you used to know … its her daughter

  • imagine being so impotent that you even have to fake premature ejaculation

  • imagine you join Overeaters Anonymous and they make you a chapter

  • suppose two of the worlds greatest movers and shakers move into the apartment above you

  • suppose you become a sheik with 150 wives … and your house only has six bathrooms

  • imagine you get a great color from going to the beach … but its blue from holding your stomach in

  • imagine at the beach your wife tells you to suck your gut in … and you already are

  • suppose you go to a carnival … and a fortune teller offers to read your face

  • suppose you married a girl because she looked like a siren but now, she only sounds like one

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