A guy walks into a bar and sees a fish tank full of cash in 100s. He walks up to the bartender and asks how he would be able to get that money. The bartender says well, I have three things for you to do for me. First, theres a guy in a green hat thats been sitting inside my bar and causing trouble, i want you to go out and beat him up and throw him in the back dumpster. Second, theres a dog next to the dumpster that has a sore tooth and has been yelping for help all day, I need you to take care of it. Third, my mom is upstairs in the bedroom. She hasnt had had much attention in a while (if you know what I mean), so Id like for you to help her out on that.

The man agreed.

First, he takes care of the guy in the green hat inside of the bar and takes him outside and tosses him in the dumpster. Meanwhile, inside, the bartender is listening to whats going on outside and hears a whole bunch of yelling and screaming from the dog for a long time. The man comes running back into the bar, completely out of breath and says Allright, now wheres the woman with the sore tooth?!

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