12 Dark Moments in Music History

1)Sept. 17, 1955: Young Michael Jagger gets his lips caught in a Coke bottle for several hours.2)September 8, 1949: In Bavaria, Richard Strauss dies.
September 8, 1949: In Greece, Milos Muzak is born.3)November 17, 1984: Dont worry, Mr. Dylan, the novocaine will wear off *LONG* before your recording session.4)October 31, 1975: At a costume party in Greenwich Village,a soldier, an Indian, a biker, a construction worker, a cop and a cowboy all decide, This is too much fun to do just once a year!5)July 23, 1956: Colonel Tom Parker says to Elvis, Boy, youre nothin but skin and bones. You better put on some weight,or people are gonna think youre sick!6)June 7, 1966: Hey, chaps, Id like you to meet my new girlfriend, Yoko.7)August 15, 1953: Future songwriter Jimmy Webb forgets his slice of birthday cake outside. Moments later, it begins to rain.8)November 3, 1987: Knowing how much her kids loved Star Wars, a naive Tipper Gore rushes home with a newly-bought Luke Skywalker and 2-Live Crew CD.9)August 12, 1986: Congratulations Mr. Hanson — its another boy!10) September 6, 1977: Due to a misprint on his high school schedule, Kenny G. attends Sax Education class.11)July 29, 1974: Soup or sandwich today, Ms. Cass?12)August 16, 1969: At a party for her 11th birthday, Madonna Louise Ciccone is strangely unfazed when Vinny Martello
stuffs two ice cream cones down the front of her dress.

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