15 reasons why diet coke is better than a man

1. When you swallow
a diet coke you only get 1 calorie.

2. It comes in a can, not in your mouth.

3. You can ignore a diet coke for weeks and it will still be there when
you want it.

4. The first one wont get mad if you need another one tonight.

5. A diet coke generally lasts longer.

6. You can throw it in the bin when youre done.

7. A diet coke will treat you the same in the morning as the night before.

8. You can pick one up at a supermarket without your friends talking about

9. You can do one in the car even while driving.

10. The aftertaste is certainly better.

11. You can get a bigger size without changing brands.

12. You never have to lie to a diet coke.

13. A diet soda will wait home patiently when you go out with friends
and still refresh you when you get home at 6AM.

14. You can have a headache and still enjoy it.

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