3 Italians and 3 … working at a lowsy job

Insert your fafourite ethnic minority in place of ?

Three Italians and three ? were eating lunch one day while griping about how much they hated working in the factory. Finally, one Italian said to the other two Italians, Hey, I got an idea-when the boss comes in, well do something so crazy that hell fire us. Then we wont have to working in this shit hole.

Half an hour later, they saw the boss coming. The three Italians climbed up to the rafters and hung upside down.

The boss took one look and shouted, Hey, what in hell do you think youre doing?

Were light bulbs, the Italians said.

Youre crazy, the boss snorted. And youre fired. Get out of here.

The Italians left. A couple of minutes later, the three ? gathered and began to follow.

Where in the hell are you going? the boss bellowed.

One ? replied, We cant work in the dark.

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