A truck driver was doing

A truck driver was doing a cross country haul
and he hated [ethnics] with a passion. Every time
he saw an [ethnic] hitch hiking he would swerve
off the road and hit them.

This had gone on
for about 7 or 8 hours when he saw a pastor
hitch hiking. He had to pick him up but he
wondered what he would do about the blood, he
decided to not to make conversation of it and
picked up the pastor. Luckily enough the
pastor didnt seem to notice.

About 20 minutes
later the truck driver spotted another
hitch hiker and thought Maybe if I act
like Im falling asleep at the wheel I can
swerve off the road and hit him.

So he then
proceded to act like he was falling asleep
and swerve off the road. Two seconds later
he heard a loud thump and looked up excitedly
and said Did I get em!

The pastor looked
up and said No my son,
but I got him with the door.

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